a well-known entrepreneur in Alsace. Managing Director of Sewosy, which specialises in electrical and electromagnetic locks, she sat down to tell us all about J3C Invest. The holding company which she chairs is expanding rapidly.

Here we are in Alsace, in Haguenau, and you are Chair of J3C Invest Holding. An ecosystem is developing around Sewosy. Can you tell us a little more?

JC3 Invest, innovation for all

Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff : JC3 Invest, our holding company, is developing along two main strategic priority areas. One is management, the other innovation.

Our aim is to enable all our companies to become more strategic and to develop collectively by learning, developing and sharing best practice. All this is linked to innovation and research.

Each of our units will develop responsible, sustainable and constructive management.

And all of this is based around our core business sectors. Research into security and the development of secure infrastructures will aim to make the daily lives of users of connected solutions easier and simpler in the future.

Let’s return to the idea of innovation for the benefit of all. This is a genuine ethos and goal to strive towards. At least that’s how it feels.

Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff: When I talk about innovation serving everyone, I’m talking about our ethos. We need to think about tomorrow’s uses, from the creation of connected solutions to their installation, and from installation to easier use.

While safety is one of our core business areas, we need to go further still. And that’s where J3C Invest turns the human factor and experience into a lever for shared growth. Management, the integration of people and the benefits of good practice should enable us to optimise the quality of life and, in a way, the well-being of all concerned.

Atypical profiles serving the common good

Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff : Our company is as open as our governance. We are entirely inclusive and draw on our differences. For us, the uniqueness of our backgrounds, origins, training and life’s ups and downs is a vector for unique skills that are felt, developed and which live and breathe.

Applied to our objectives and businesses, we put them to work for the benefit of our holding company, our companies and the community … and then pass these on to society as a whole. It may sound ambitious, but we dream of making the world a better place.