J3C Invest: a family holding company with recognised expertise and strong values

J3C Invest is a holding company with deep roots in its local region, Alsace, and open to Europe and the world. The combination of its family roots and values make it an atypical, modern and unique holding company.

J3C Invest embodies a company of the future in its very own unique way. It draws on the expertise of its teams and its core businesses to increase its influence across all of its target markets.

Innovating around the issue of personal safety

Its current subsidiaries include Sewosy.
Founded in 2001, Sewosy designs, manufactures and retails electrical and electromagnetic locking, access control and fire safety solutions, as well as accessories for doors.

This entity has experienced growth ever since it was first founded and is constantly innovating. It has invested in both research and development, with a strong strategy based on trademark and patent registrations. It paves the way for connected security solutions. The company has also adopted an active corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Here, achieving carbon neutrality and reducing our ecological footprint are not just promises, but commitments backed up by a successful, operational and constantly innovative digital transformation .

For us, the teams constitute a “human asset” whose development and growth must be ensured. Quality of life in the workplace is a shared ambition, one that is jointly developed and embraced. The holding company includes Sewosy France, Sewosy Malaysia and J3C Immo, a company specialising in the corporate property sector.

Human resource networking and investing in skills

J3C Invest develops a human-centred and responsible corporate vision. It is open to a variety of profiles and personalities, always recruiting strong talent and placing fundamental importance on their integration and career success. Recognition of commitment and potential naturally enables the holding company and its components to guarantee the best service to its partners.

A foundation of strong values for a safer world

At the heart of JC3 Invest’s ethos lies the pursuit of excellence, optimal quality and sustainability, all combined with the imperative of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its values naturally serve innovation with the aim of building a safer world, summed up in part by a quote from economist Peter Drucker: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Its investment and the committed passion of its managers and team members have paved the way towards these achievements.