J3C Invest, open governance and a well forged team

J3C Invest is a holding company based in Alsace and directed by Carine Rossdeutsch-Wolff and furthers innovation as well as inventing open governance.

This innovative approach, which serves the holding’s components and services, aims to emphasise transparency, accountability and participation in the company’s progress, all within a framework of resilient leadership.

Transparency lies at the very core of J3Cinvest’s open governance approach

JC3 Invest endeavours to provide clear and accessible information regarding its activities and those of its subsidiaries, their decision-making and financial performance. Its commercial partners are regularly informed about advances in research and development of security solutions, the specific skills of each subsidiary and the services and support offered by the subsidiary itself.
This transparency fosters trust and nurtures strong and binding relations with all stakeholders, as well as enhancing the holding company’s credibility as it seeks to grow both intellectually and externally.

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Individual and collective responsibility

Responsibility is a fundamental value of the governance strategy adopted by J3C Invest. The company takes full responsibility for its actions and their consequences. It ensures that its activities are conducted in an ethical manner, naturally complying with legal standards and integrating environmental and social concerns. CSR also forms a cornerstone of the company.
J3C Invest is pro-active and actively encourages the empowerment of all its team members, fostering a culture of individual and collective commitment.

JC3 Invest, a culture of openness, a participative and collective approach

Another key aspect of J3C Invest’s open governance is participation. The company actively encourages the participation of its stakeholders and teams across the full spectrum of its processes.

It organises consultations, meetings and forums where opinions and ideas are exchanged. This approach enables informed, innovative, “out-of-the-box” decisionmaking, opening up innovative perspectives and leading to decisions that are coconstructed and better accepted.

This culture of openness, respect and awareness strengthens the commitment of our employees, as well as the quality and impact of the decisions we take.

Through this governance, J3C Invest fosters innovation and adaptability for the benefit of one and all. The holding company encourages the emergence of new and creative ideas, whilst remaining open to change and evolution. This flexibility enables J3C Invest to adapt quickly to new market conditions and seize emerging opportunities, as well as fostering a solid reputation and a strong culture of excellence, the hallmarks of companies in Alsace and the Rhine regions.