J3C Invest, serving its subsidiaries and innovation

J3C Invest holding company strives to both support and enable the strategic, human and technological development of its current and future subsidiaries.

Fuelled by a constant concern of achieving this aim, J3C Invest has chosen to remain 100% independent so that it has complete control over the company’s strategic direction and decisionmaking.

Corporate services and support

JC3 Invest provides strong, proactive support to each of its subsidiaries, not only in their operational areas, but also in optimising their management and structuring through operational services and support.

About Sewosy

Quite naturally, the holding company intends to consolidate and develop its expertise and specialisation in the manufacture of electrical and electromagnetic locking solutions. The aim is to support French know-how, using this as a lever for innovation and growth.
J3C Invest aims to bring its expertise to tomorrow’s security and connected technologies, to research, development and implementation of innovative solutions in all its business areas.

Naturally, optimising and sharing best practice is a strong added value, as well as a strong lever for pro-gress and innovation.

Boosting the appeal of Alsace as its local region

J3C Invest is proud of its Alsace roots, whilst remaining firmly open to the world. The holding company naturally intends to turn this into an asset, but also to develop the region’s economic appeal.

Its particularities and differences are designed to help identify hatcheries and optimise their networking across the region.

Investing in innovation, enabling the future

Naturally, the spirit and direction set by J3C Invest are intended to permeate throughout all of its current and future subsidiaries.

Adaptability, flexibility, responsiveness and responsibility constitute the very pillars underpinning the agile entity that the holding company J3C Invest is designed to embody. Connecting, innovating and adding value will further strengthen its ethos.