Recruitment: Committed holding company seeks atypical profiles

JC3 Invest is a holding company committed to a safer world, built around corporate social responsibility and open, resilient management.

J3C Invest recruits atypical profiles

That’s why the company stands out for its willingness to recruit atypical profiles, to seek out and find talent who think outside the box and bring new perspectives to the holding company, its subsidiaries and its customers.
“We firmly believe that atypical profiles can make a significant contribution to the development and innovation of our businesses. We are actively seeking individuals who stand out through their creativity, their ability to think openly and collaboratively, their passion for continuous learning and their ability to work as part of a team”. This is where ambitions need to be stimulated.

Developing skills and recognising talent

These atypical profiles and experiences may come from a variety of backgrounds, such as diverse academic fields, non-traditional career paths, international experience or distinct personal passions, but also from distinctive life paths.

J3C Invest also intends to promote interdisciplinary and transferable skills. These contribute towards a holistic approach to the challenges facing all the Group’s business areas.

Those who consider themselves to be atypical and who share our values are therefore invited to apply to J3C Invest.

Quality of life at work, entrepreneurship, excellence

J3C Invest offers its future team members an inclusive and stimulating working environment, where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and make a significant contribution to shared goals, the pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Employment, career opportunities, employer brand

In its own way, J3C Invest intends to develop its employer brand with those who share its mindset. 

“If you think you have an unusual profile and are interested in opportunities at J3C Invest Recruitment, we encourage you to look at our vacancies or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities. We look forward to discovering your unique talent and welcoming you to our team”.